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How to Elevate Your Mental Health, Change Your Life Perspective, & Cultivate Your Own Paradise

“The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes.” – Friedrich Schiller

At Keys to Counseling in Tampa, FL, I specialize in a specific type of therapy called Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). Established by Dr. Albert Ellis in 1955, REBT is an active, directive, solution-focused, and goal-oriented approach to counseling and it is recognized as the pioneering form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

So much of our world is comprised of our beliefs. Therefore, our attitude, our perspective, and our personal philosophy for living have the power to transform our world from ordinary to extraordinary: it is all within our thoughts!

Today I challenge YOU to think about an adversity within your life that you believe is causing you unhealthy negative emotions (such as anxiety, depression, hurt, anger, shame, guilt, jealousy, or envy). Consider the specific event, concern, or person linked to these feelings, and furthermore, examine your behavior (your actions and reactions) while you are feeling this particular emotion. If you feel anxious, you may find that you are avoiding something. If you feel angry, your behavior may include yelling or fighting. If you are depressed or strongly hurt, you may notice that you are tearful, withdrawn, and not effectively taking care of yourself. If you are fearful of something, you may realize that you are physically panicking. 

After identifying a specific challenge within your life, as well as observing your unhealthy emotions and potentially unhelpful behaviors, ask yourself: what am I telling myself within THIS moment that is contributing to my unhealthy emotions and unhelpful behaviors? 

In other words, what are you thinking?

Through examining your internal dialogue, do you notice any stubborn and demanding beliefs you are repeating to yourself, which are either causing or worsening the way that you are feeling and behaving? Most likely, IF you are experiencing unhealthy negative emotions, the answer is going to be yes: there IS something you are telling yourself that is mostly responsible for the way that you are feeling and behaving in this circumstance. 

If you find the above realization to be true, ask yourself: how would I prefer to feel in relation to this challenge? Furthermore, ask: what can I tell myself to help transform my emotions and my behaviors into healthier alternatives? How can I replace my irrational beliefs (which are learned illogical or maladaptive thought patterns) with effective new rational beliefs? 

This is the essence of REBT, which is my chosen approach to counseling. When you truly adopt REBT philosophy, your entire world view is transformed to one that is much more mindful, hopeful, and rational! 

·  What formally caused you anxiety no longer has that power over you! 

·  What once depressed or angered you no longer has control over your emotions or your behaviors. 

·  What you used to view as mundane or lackluster has now been restored to its full splendor and beauty! 

Furthermore, this transformation in your personal perspective can be applicable to all aspects of your life from your relationship and the way you view your partner, to your career path, to your education, your current city, and home! Paradise is a state of mind: it is a chosen philosophy for living. 

You can choose to take a vacation and experience the thrill of a getaway within yourself, your relationship, and your community. Whether you spend your free time relaxing at home, with your partner, friends, and family, or venturing out into your local city, learn to think about your constants in new ways! You can absolutely find excitement in unwrapping the intricate and multifaceted layers that still exist within all that is familiar to you, as there is always something new to discover and refreshing to explore, no matter where you are, and who you are with, including yourself. 

It is entirely in the way that you THINK!

Paradise is all around you, and it is up to you to take emotional and behavioral responsibility of your life, through changing the way that you think, so you can transform the way that you live! 

At Keys to Counseling in Tampa, Florida, my mission is to promote healthy living through rational thinking! I provide both individual and couples counseling, and I would be honored to cognitively, emotively, and behaviorally accompany you on your journey to living, loving, being, and staying better! 


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